New Construction

  The New York State Capitol Building Project

Size: various

Material: Limestone/Sandstone

Descripton: The Capitol building in Albany is a showplace for the stone carvers art. During construction, upwards of 500 carvers were needed to provide the riot of embellishment seen in the interior and exterior of this architectural landmark. It is famous for the beauty of it's sculptural detail. Being asked to provide the necessary skills to fabricate needed alterations while preserving the existing continuity of design was the challenge of a career. The elements I duplicated had to exactly match the former work with the only exception being a couple of units that had to be extended in length but still carry the original sculptors signature. I had done a simpler job in the past in marble for the building which won awards for the architects overseeing the work, so between one thing and another I've become the guy to go to when they have this sort of work to do. It's given me more satisfaction than I can describe.

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